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Grimoire stable-0.10 release

The -rc branch for this release will be cut on 2007/05/01. The target release date is 2007/05/18.

This release is being shepherded by Eric Sandall – contact him with questions.

Getting the chroot/vm image

Chroot/vm Volunteer Download
0.10 x86 emrys smgl-stable-0.9-basesystem-x86.tar.bz2

Basesystem spells

Spell Volunteer Searched Sign-Off Alt Sign-Off Notes
basesystem sandalle X X
bash X X (sandalle) #13654
binutils sandalle X X
bison sandalle X X
bzip2 Phoul X X X (sandalle)
console-tools sandalle X X
console-data sandalle X X
coreutils sandalle X X X (emrys)
cpio X X (sandalle)
dialog X X (sandalle)
diffutils X X (sandalle)
e2fsprogs sandalle X X
elvis X X (sandalle)
file X X (sandalle)
findutils X X (sandalle)
flex X X (sandalle)
gawk X X (sandalle)
gcc X X (sandalle)
gettext X X (sandalle)
glibc sandalle X X #13771
gnupg X X (sandalle)
grep lejatorn X X X (sandalle)
grub X X (sandalle)
gzip X X (emrys)
iana-etc X X (sandalle)
init.d X X (sandalle)
installwatch X X (sandalle)
jed Phoul X X X (sandalle)
kbd X X (sandalle)
less Phoul X X X (sandalle)
lilo X X (emrys)
locale X X (sandalle)
m4 X X (sandalle)
make X X (sandalle)
mktemp X X (sandalle)
module-init-tools X X (sandalle)
nano Phoul X X X (emrys)
ncurses X X (sandalle) #13654, #13731
netconf X X (sandalle)
net-tools X X (sandalle) #13373 OMG, this has been broken forever. really needs to be fixed. If it's too late it can safely be skipped, but I'd like to see it in there (dkowis)
patch X X (sandalle)
perl Phoul X X X (sandalle)
procps X X (sandalle)
readline X X (sandalle)
sed X X (sandalle)
shadow sandalle X X
simpleinit-msb sandalle X X
smgl-archspecs sandalle X X
smgl-fhs sandalle X X
tar mar_s X X No bugs found
texinfo sandalle X X
udev sandalle X X X (emrys) #13769 Only matters if the version is 104 in the stable-rc (even devel has 108)
unzip mar_s X X No bugs found
util-linux sandalle X X
vim Phoul X X X (sandalle)
wget lejatorn X X X (sandalle)
zlib sandalle X X

Extra spells

Spell Volunteer Searched Sign-Off Alt Sign-Off Notes
imagemagick sandalle X Bug #13685: Versioned tarball changes way too often
lftp lejatorn Fails because it misses g++ dependency. will be fixed for next release.
monodevelop sandalle X Bug #13718: gnome-sharp cannot find gtkhtml >= 3.8
pure-ftpd lejatorn X
xfsdump sandalle X X
xfsprogs sandalle X X
zsh Phoul X X X (sandalle)