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Grimoire stable-0.6 release

Getting the chroot/vm image

Chroot/vm Volunteer Download
stable x86 n/a chroot.tar.bz2

Basesystem spells

Spell Volunteer Searched Sign-Off Alt Sign-Off Notes
basesystem sandalle X non-gating bugs: #9118, 2.4 kernel defaults and #12857, text-editor and pager provides
bash swoolley X
binutils ruskie X No problems sobukus: do we want to consider now?
bison public X No issues were found. Casts well
bzip2 public X No issues were found. Casts well
console-tools lynx X doesn't work, because of an old stable tarball, the fix is in git
console-data lynx X no problems found
coreutils CuZnDragon X all done here, restoring your X – sobukus
cpio qnr X No bugs, successful cast
dialog afrayedknot X
diffutils dinolinux X No bugs, casting successful
e2fsprogs sandalle X
file qnr X Fine, excepting version difference at primary site
findutils CuZnDragon X No bugs listed, Cast successful
flex ruskie X Nothing I could find
gawk afrayedknot X
gcc sandalle X
gettext sandalle X
glibc lynx X 11874 too rare, nobody reported any problems
gnupg treeve X cast and upgrades ok
grep lejatorn X There is bug #12990 but can't reproduce it and doesn't seem gating to me.
grub sandalle X Updates and installs fine, but has a potential issue with #12852
gzip public X No issues were found. Casts well
iana-etc treeve X casts and upgrades ok
init.d emrys X debatable: #13114
installwatch afrayedknot X
less treeve X casts and upgrades ok
lilo CuZnDragon X No bugs listed, Cast successful
locale public X No gating bugs found. Casts well.
kbd lynx X nothing remotely gating
m4 public X No issues were found. Casts well
make sandalle X
mktemp treeve X casts and upgrades ok
module-init-tools sandalle X No changes, but depends on udev (#13265, #13417)
nano qnr X No bugs, casts
ncurses p3pilot X #10004, My update to stable-rc didn't find this bug. 5.4 on iso to stable-rc 5.5
netconf iuso X fixed + integrated: #12900, #13401; non-gating: #10517, #11694. upgrade works
net-tools sandalle X
patch ruskie X Nothinc wrong I can find
perl swoolley X
procps sandalle X Bug #13338 only affects gcc 4.1.1 with -ffast-math. gcc 4.0.3 is in stable-rc-0.6
readline p3pilot X #8506 My update to stable-rc didn't find this bug 5.0->5.1->5.2
sed treeve X casts and upgrades ok
shadow sandalle X Bugs #4008 (non-gating) and #8834 (gating) _are_ fixed and integrated… imho can be signed off – sobukus
simpleinit-msb swool X
smgl-archspecs sobukus X obviously works as nothing else would work without it; a number of bugs, though, see #13240; they are supposedly fixed in archspecs git (and test soon)
smgl-fhs sandalle X Non-Gating #8653 (master bug)
tar ruskie X Nothing I can find wrong
texinfo sandalle X
udev iuso going to postpone the udev->hotplug transition until the next stable, which means we probably should downgrade udev in stable-rc to the version from stable 0.4
unzip treeve X casts and upgrades ok
util-linux sandalle X
wget lejatorn X wget broke because of bug #13121. Still signed off because it should happen (argueably) rarely and it's not gonna be fixed soon anyway.
zlib treeve X casts and upgrades ok

Extra spells

Spell Volunteer Searched Sign-Off Alt Sign-Off Notes
automake sandalle X dependency of cracklib
buntstift sobukus X works nicely
cracklib sandalle X optional dependency of shadow. cracklib from stable-0.4 fails to install, but from stable-rc-0.6 installs fine
dermixd sobukus X all fine
dtach ruskie X Not yet in stable-rc so nothing to check
gaim p3pilot X Works fine in stable-rc. No gating bugs
gcc34 sandalle X Dependency of grub, one of the potential BOOTLOADERs
gdb afrayedknot X Failed initially due to unset ARCHITECTURE, not a gating issue
kazehakase ruskie X No problems I could find
libburn-pykix ruskie X Non-gating the original URL is not working anymore but it's still available from fallbacks
libxml2 p3pilot X Fails missing depends libtool. #13387 Fixed in test, stable-rc.
lighttpd p3pilot X Builds in stable environment. No bugs.
linux-pam sobukus X casts and updates fine, tested with shadow tools and openssh (which is not triggered to recast on update but nevertheless works after update); we should settle on #680 at some time (or can it be closed?) Also check #4008 for an issue with linux-pam and coreutils
locale sandalle X new dependency for glibc, didn't exist before
pam_ldap sobukus X fine now
mesalib ruskie X Nothing here but a version update which works as it should
mpg123 sobukus X security update done
mutt sobukus X security update done
ntp iuso X My fix was integrated – sobukus
openssh sobukus X casts/updates fine, works as expected
param sobukus X works nicely
php p3pilot X Fails in stable environment due to libxml2 failing. libxml2 fixed in stable-rc, test
textdata sobukus X works nicely
tor afrayedknot X Failed in stable, but error is fixed in stable-rc
wpa_supplicant iuso X This is OK, additional driver options aren't a gating bug, also well tested on my box already
xfsprogs sandalle X
xmms2 ruskie X Works without a prob