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Grimoire stable-0.8 release

The -rc branch for this release will be cut on 2007/02/25. The target release date is 2007/03/11.

This release is being shepherded by George Sherwood – contact him with questions.

Getting the chroot/vm image

Chroot/vm Volunteer Download
chroot-0.7 x86 (udev+console-tools) emrys smgl-stable-0.7-basesystem-x86.tar.bz2

Basesystem spells

Spell Volunteer Searched Sign-Off Alt Sign-Off Notes
basesystem sandalle X X Bug #12857, depending on less and nano (non-gating)
bash p3pilot X X (emrys)
binutils sandalle X X
bison sandalle X X
bzip2 ruskie X X X (emrys)
console-tools tboatman X X No version changes since pre Stable 0.6
console-data tboatman X X No version changes since pre Stable 0.6
coreutils sandalle X X Update to 6.7 Bug #13574 (non-gating)
cpio ruskie X X X (emrys)
dialog afrayedknot X X (sandalle)
diffutils sandalle X X
e2fsprogs sandalle X X
elvis emrys X X X (emrys)
file afrayedknot X X (sandalle)
findutils lynx X X
flex sandalle X X
gawk afrayedknot X X (sandalle)
gcc X X (emrys) gating: #13330
gettext sandalle X X #13121 would be nice to have, sorcery issue
glibc sandalle X X Bug #8238, export CC, Bug #8240, LD symlink, Bug #8241, remove CROSS_INSTALL, Bug #8243, ldconfig breaks bi-arch, Bug #8244, GLIBC_ARCH wrong for cross-compile, Bug #9580, fails to compile on SPARC, Bug #13465, add libidn support, and Bug #12962, optionally depend on perl (all are non-gating)
gnupg sandalle X X X (emrys) SPARC bug #9666 (non-gating)
grep lejatorn X X (sandalle) #12990, failure to compile (unreproducable)
grub X X #12852, Graphics patch made optional. Integrated.
gzip ruskie X X
iana-etc X X (sandalle) #13075
init.d emrys X X X (emrys)
installwatch sandalle X X
jed emrys X X no changes since last time, cast -c goes fine
kbd lynx X X
less lynx X X nongating: #12857
lilo X X (emrys) #8191 is related, but for 64b
locale sandalle X X #13485
m4 sandalle X X
make sandalle X X
mktemp sandalle X X
module-init-tools iuso X X (emrys) Gating bug #13446 is fixed in test and awaiting integration. Unfortunately I don't have time to investigate whether #8865 still applies; perhaps it should be declared non-gating for this release.
nano emrys X X X (emrys)
ncurses p3pilot X X (sandalle) #10004 Updated to 5.6 in stable .7 Closing this bug.
netconf X X (p3pilot) non gating: #10517, #11694
net-tools X X (emrys) minor: #10173
patch ruskie X X
perl sandalle X X
procps sandalle X X
readline p3pilot X X (sandalle) #8506 I think this can be closed. It does have some suggestions in it though
sed afrayedknot X X (sandalle)
shadow sobukus X X X (sandalle) #13505 is gating until the two/three requested commits are integrated, broken default group behaviour of useradd remains - an upstream bug that has to be fixed some time (I disagree that this should be gating; it's been around forever, and I'm not willing to approve this kind of integration to something this critical right before the release. Let it soak in test first. –emrys); OK, then I'll make my sign-off after the degating — sobukus
simpleinit-msb emrys X X X (emrys) #13114 is fixed. #7876 is fixed.
smgl-archspecs sobukus X X X (emrys) no changes
smgl-fhs X X (p3pilot) non-gating: #11747, #13112, #13354
tar ruskie X X
texinfo lynx X X
udev iuso X X (sandalle) Gating bug #13447 is fixed as soon as module-init-tools' fixed bug #13446 is integrated. Didn't have enough time for non-gating bugs #12700 and #12739 this round.
unzip ruskie X X
util-linux sandalle X X
vim sandalle X X X (emrys)
wget sandalle X X
zlib sandalle X X

Extra spells

Spell Volunteer Searched Sign-Off Alt Sign-Off Notes
autoconf X fails using INSTALL_ROOT Bug #13594
automake sandalle X X
gaim p3pilot X X #12617 fixed in test. Integrated.
ion3 eekee X X
lighttpd p3pilot X X
pcsc-lite sandalle X X Source not found (Bug #13591)
php p3pilot X X non-gating: #6659, #12762
pure-ftpd lejatorn X X
subversion eekee X Dropping this, I'm not well enough to get it done, sorry. (eekee) Open bugs found: #6674, #10427, #12822. Also try building with apr-util & w/o Python, may find a new subdep.
wpa_supplicant iuso X X (p3pilot) Gating bug #13518 fixed in test, integrated.
x3270 tboatman X X All clean!
xfsprogs sandalle X X