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Grimoire stable-0.9 release

The -rc branch for this release will be cut on 2007/04/01. The target release date is 2007/04/15.

This release is being shepherded by David Brown – contact him with questions.

Getting the chroot/vm image

Chroot/vm Volunteer Download
chroot-0.8 x86 emrys smgl-stable-0.8-basesystem-x86.tar.bz2
just a different mirror emrys smgl-stable-0.8-basesystem-x86.tar.bz2
mainly for a starting point for this arch. udev+console-tools and no /lib64 -> lib dirs dmlb2000 smgl-stable-0.8-basesystem-x86_64.tar.bz2

Basesystem spells

Spell Volunteer Searched Sign-Off Alt Sign-Off Notes
basesystem sandalle X X Bug #12857 (mostly fixed)
bash sandalle X X Bug #13654: switching ncurses to utf-8 breaks bash
binutils sandalle X X
bison sandalle X X
bzip2 sandalle X X
console-tools sandalle X X
console-data sandalle X X
coreutils sandalle X X Bug #13574: coreutils 6.7 is available, but untested
cpio sandalle X X
dialog sandalle X X
diffutils sandalle X X
e2fsprogs sandalle X X
elvis lynx X X
file sandalle X X
findutils sandalle X X
flex sandalle X X
gawk sandalle X X
gcc X X (sandalle) Bug #13330: gcc fails to build without at least -O2. This is gating
gettext sandalle X X
glibc sandalle X X Bug #8238: export CC=gcc prevents proper cross compilation, Bug #8240: LD symlink is working only on x86 and ppc, Bug #8241: CROSS_INSTALL check should be removed, Bug #8243: ldconfig breaks bi-arch compilation, Bug #8244: GLIBC_ARCH definition is wrong when cross compiling, Bug #9580: Fails to compile on SPARC, Bug #12962: optionally depend on perl. All are non-gating
gnupg sandalle X X
grep lejatorn X X X (sandalle)
grub X X (sandalle)
gzip sandalle X X
iana-etc X Bug #13075: offer to add hostname in /etc/hosts
init.d emrys X X X (sandalle) Bug #7311: update left a broken inittab and /etc/sysconfig/devices behind, Bug #9177: mountall.sh LVM fix (PATCH PROVIDED), Bug #10439: has a grep that throws an error in init.d/udevd, Bug #13381: install should be dependency-aware, Bug #13450: mountroot.sh and raid
installwatch X X (sandalle)
jed lynx X X
kbd sandalle X X
less sandalle X X
lilo X X (sandalle) Bug #8191: patch to build bin86 (and therefore lilo) under x86_64, non-gating
locale sandalle X X Bug #13485: should explicitly say it will build all locales if none is selected (fixed)
m4 sandalle X X
make sandalle X X
mktemp sandalle X X
module-init-tools X X (sandalle) Bug #8865: fails to build in a chroot
nano lynx X X X (sandalle)
ncurses X X (sandalle) Bug #13654: Switching to utf-8 breaks bash
netconf X X (sandalle) Bug #10517: should use ifplugd, Bug #11694: Shouldn't mangle /etc/hosts
net-tools X X (sandalle) Bug #10207: hardware/protocol suppot choice better as dialog, Bug #10746: should be smarter about the mountnetwork script
patch lynx X X X (sandalle)
perl X X (sandalle)
procps lynx X X X (sandalle)
readline sandalle X X
sed sandalle X X
shadow X X (sandalle) Bug #13505: useradd and adduser should be improved/fixed, Bug #13601: version non-gating
simpleinit-msb emrys X X X (sandalle)
smgl-archspecs X X (sandalle)
smgl-fhs X X (sandalle) Bug #11747: creates broken X links, Bug #13112: should be updated, Bug #13354: don't create /usr/X11*
tar sandalle X X Bug #13593: installs incorrectly with INSTALL_ROOT
texinfo X X (sandalle)
udev X X (sandalle) Bug #12700: rules should be minimal with optional additions, Bug #12739: should have git option, non-gating
unzip X X (sandalle)
util-linux X X (sandalle)
vim sandalle X X
wget lejatorn X X X (sandalle)
zlib sandalle X X

Extra spells

Spell Volunteer Searched Sign-Off Alt Sign-Off Notes
attr sandalle X X
dmapi sandalle X X
gnome2-profile dmlb2000 X X gnome title actual bugs with gnome below (tarball)
gnome-games2 dmlb2000 X X #7493 not gating
gnome-applets2 dmlb2000 X X #10202 not gating
kde-profile dmlb2000 X X kde title actual bugs with kde below (tarball)
libtool sandalle X X
linux dmlb2000 X X #9014, #10797 about time for someone to audit the linux spell, #13597 again good opportunity to audit the linux spell, but I'm going to call these non-gating
pure-ftpd lejatorn X X
slang lynx X X
xfce4-profile dmlb2000 X X xfce4 title actual bugs with xfce below (tarball)
xfsdump sandalle X X
xfsprogs sandalle X X