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Our History

In the beginning there was Sorcerer GNU/Linux, a GNU/Linux distro created by Kyle Sallee that used a unique GPL'd package management system named "Sorcery".
And it was good.

Unfortunately, due to several issues, Sorcerer was forked into Lunar Penguin (now Lunar Linux), and Kyle took the original Sorcerer offline with no explanation. Thanks to the freedom granted by the GPL, we continued the Sorcerer distro from assembled backups, etc.

A month later, as Sorcerer was starting to regain lost ground, Kyle relaunched his version of Sorcerer under a non-forking (thus non-free) license he calls the SPL and dropped the term "GNU/Linux". We renamed our distro to "Source Mage" after a vote, out of respect for Kyle's wishes.

Development now continues on 3 separate distros with three distinct goals:

We hope you will take the time to evaluate each of the sorcery-based solutions and find the one that best suits your interests.
And we also hope that Source Mage is your choice.