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devel ISO 0.11.0

A long time in the making...

tl;dr New iso, it's certified crap but has lots of new features/changes, please test it.

While not ready for a "general" release (i.e., this release is not intended for general public consumption), the new iso is finally at a stage where it can start being tested by Source Mage developers (i.e., people who know what they're doing within our ecosystem, and have likely experienced previous iso installs). At present, only a release for x86_64 is available, but x86 will follow soon, and hopefully later on releases for "new" architectures such as ARM, MIPS, and so on.

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submitted by flux on 2015-12-24 / cauldron / grimoire

Official Docker images for Source Mage

Please meet our official Docker images available at the Docker Hub.

All you need to do is:

docker pull sourcemage

or specifically:

docker pull sourcemage:0.61

and start using the magic!

These images are based on our official chroot images stripped off unneeded stuff for container virtualization environment.

submitted by stealth on 2015-10-15 / misc

Sorcery module for Ansible

We're pleased to announce that as per (ee25bb0), alpha version of Ansible module for Sorcery has been released!

We will also make a request for its inclusion into official ansible-modules-extras repository, once it's tested enough and production-ready.

This version introduces just the basic functionality for system operations:

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submitted by stealth on 2015-09-22 / misc / sorcery

Stable-0.62-2 released

Stable grimoire version 0.62-2 has been released!

This is mostly a security update accumulated a lot of security fixes including those for Mozilla stuff, Xorg libraries, Nginx, NTP and OpenSSL/LibreSSL.
It also contains more corrections for 0.61 → 0.62 upgrading path, as well as a brand new Linux kernel 4.0 (thanks to Ladislav "lace" Hagara for it).

The update also introduces our fresh castfs 0.6.2 released recently, and as you may have noticed Sorcery 1.15.4 released several days ago includes one important fix for multiple triggers of a spell, so the recommended update procedure is:

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submitted by stealth on 2015-05-02 / grimoire

castfs 0.6.2 released

castfs 0.6.2 has been released!

This release fixes various bugs related to multijob install (broken filenames, crashes) mostly. It also adds several configure flags and refreshes the overall build system. castfs spell has been updated too, and will be backported to the current stable 0.62 grimoire (as a part of upcoming 0.62-2 update).

Release notes include the following (copied from the NEWS file in the distribution tarball):

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submitted by stealth on 2015-03-27 / misc
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