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Sorcery module for Ansible

We're pleased to announce that as per (ee25bb0), alpha version of Ansible module for Sorcery has been released!

We will also make a request for its inclusion into official ansible-modules-extras repository, once it's tested enough and production-ready.

This version introduces just the basic functionality for system operations:

To test it, you can put the module itself (sorcery.py) into your library directory specified by library = under [defaults] in ansible.cfg.
Then invoke it by running1, i.e.:

ansible -b --ask-become-pass -m sorcery -a 'name=tcpdump depends=openssl(SSL) state=present' inventory-server

Check mode is supported, so you can use -C switch as well.

The module uses simple gaze commands to check for spells' existence as well as manipulates with depends file directly to simplify switching on/off of desired dependencies.

It also uses some hacks with environment variables to bypass queries and choose default answers: Sorcery hackers are free to inspect them.
And, as always -- patches, notes and remarks are welcome!

Here's an example usage taken from the EXAMPLES section of the module:

# Make sure spell 'foo' is installed
- sorcery: spell=foo state=present

# Make sure spells 'foo', 'bar' and 'baz' are removed
- sorcery: spell=foo,bar,baz state=absent

# Make sure spell 'foo' with dependencies 'bar' and 'baz' is installed
- sorcery: spell=foo depends=bar,baz state=present

# Make sure spell 'foo' with 'bar' and without 'baz' dependencies is installed
- sorcery: spell=foo depends=+bar,-baz state=present

# Make sure spell 'foo' with libressl (providing SSL) dependency is installed
- sorcery: spell=foo depends=libressl(SSL) state=present

# Install the latest version of spell 'foo' using regular glossary
- sorcery: name=foo state=latest

# Rebuild spell 'foo'
- sorcery: spell=foo state=rebuild

# Rebuild the whole system, but update Sorcery and Codex first
- sorcery: spell=* state=rebuild update=yes update_cache=yes

# Refresh the grimoire collection if it's 1 day old using native sorcerous alias
- sorcery: update_codex=yes cache_valid_time=86400

# Update only Sorcery itself
- sorcery: update=yes

  1. Note that you have to use -b (--become) or -s (--sudo) to run commands under superuser (root), otherwise Sorcery would switch to interactive mode to ask for a password making Ansible hang while waiting for input. 

submitted by stealth on 2015-09-22 / misc / sorcery