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Stable-0.12 released

The routine continues: Stable grimoire version 0.12 has been released! As usual, users of stable merely need to run sorcery system-update. Spells listed on the release page were tested and qualified to have no known defects of "gating" severity at the time of this release.

To download the grimoire manually, get http://codex.sourcemage.org/stable.tar.bz2 or specifically http://codex.sourcemage.org/stable-0.12.tar.bz2.

GPG signatures are available at http://codex.sourcemage.org/stable.tar.bz2.asc or http://codex.sourcemage.org/stable-0.12.tar.bz2.asc.

Thanks go out to all the people working on the grimoire, specifically to Eric Sandall, Mathieu Lonjaret and George Sherwood for taking care of the core spells with me for this release.

submitted by sandalle on 2007-07-15 / grimoire