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Source Mage community is leaving Freenode

Due to recent changes in management1 of the Freenode IRC network Source Mage Team decided to leave the network it's been on for almost 20 years2.

After 2 consecutive votes active developers unanimously agreed on this decision. We believe recent actions of the new Freenode staff do not align with our vision of how an open source communication platform should be operated.

We're joining many open source projects that have already migrated to the new IRC network established by the former Freenode staff -- Libera.Chat. We thank them for this smooth transition and handling our request for project registration. See you on #sourcemage there!

Effective today, Jun 14 2021 1700 UTC the only official IRC presence of the Source Mage project is on Libera.Chat and the rest is considered deprecated. As a warning, given recent events regarding hijacking other official channels of projects on Freenode make sure you're on Libera.Chat before contacting any Source Mage developer for advice, as we're no longer responsible for what's going on with channel and nickname registrations on Freenode. We might consider establishing our presence on other networks like OFTC and/or running our own IRC infrastructure, but this would be the next step yet to be determined. Feel free to take a look at Contact/IRC for the most up-to-date info on our IRC presence.

In addition, because of zero-volume traffic on other on-topic channels, we decided to deprecate all #sourcemage-* channels except #sourcemage-admin and #sourcemage-keysigning.

Thank you and see you on Libera!

  1. https://fuchsnet.ch/freenode-resign-letter.txt 

  2. =ChanServ= Registered : Apr 14 17:54:34 2002 (19y 9w 2d ago) 

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