It's been a while since I last checked out this site. When I saw this new forum, I simply had to sign up!

Now, I've never taken the time to visit you fellas in IRC before, but from time to time I have kept an eye on the chroot images and the ready made iso files provided by this project. I'm not very good at system administration myself... really, I'm young and inexperienced. The first time I used a GNU+linux distribution was not too long ago... I saw a cool distro called gentoo, and brute forced the installation process until I figured out in layman's terms how stuff works. How it actually works remains beyond me. That kinda stuff really fills you with a pleasantly childish ambition to learn more. Not too long ago, I tried the same with sourcemage. Somehow I got wireless networking functional, but beyond that there wasn't much else I could figure out! Xorg was very much a roadblock for someone of my calibre, but nonetheless, it remained the object of my desire.

The way this distro handles package management is really interesting. Magical terminology is awesome too! I've never used something like it before, so it was quite the experience when I first gave it a try. Though all my attempts to crack open this vault have proven unsuccessful, I would still like to thank all of you for keeping this project going, and I hope that maybe one day I too will be able to contribute to it. Experimenting with this distro has really been a blast. I hope this forum turns out to be a treasure trove of knowledge sharing that it truly deserves to be.