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Submitted by stealth 11 Aug, 2021 04:21 #


The recent chroot image extracts up to 900MB.

Submitted by stealth 11 Aug, 2021 04:19 #


If you're asking about the i686 chroot image, then yes, we keep it in sync with x86_64 one, and have no plans of deprecating it for now.

Submitted by stealth 26 Jul, 2021 15:11 #

Good to see some activity here :)

Submitted by stealth 28 Jun, 2021 02:16 #

I would avoid mounting ESP on /boot.

Recently our chroot installation guide was updated with some notes re:UEFI and disk layout.

tl;dr use /boot for kernels and mount EFI system partition under /boot/efi.

Edited 28 Jun, 2021 04:02
Submitted by stealth 20 Mar, 2020 03:15 #

Just a place to say hi for new users.

Yeah, good point. I think it can be as small as a sticky topic in General Chatter.