grimoire locale/language feature (Feature #1)

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some people actually delete excess files from there system
personally, i remove unused locale data and such.

i think cleanse --fix could benifit from a toggleable option in sorcery menu's that tells it either a. break spells missing locale data or language related files. or b. do not break spells that are missing locale data or language related files and continue on.

this toggleable option in sorcery could be called "language aware" or "break spells for language" suggestions welcome.

this will not be terribly hard to code either, breaks triggered with solely /usr/share/locale could be set to ignored. and or any other specific locations for language data. if i find any other language related locations ill add it to this. but as of right now i have seen any, (25% threw a cleanse --fix)


Updated by Donald Johnson over 4 years ago

The trouble I see with this is if a locale break actually happens (e.g. a spell vomits all over the locale data), then that bug will be hidden and mess up the locales you do use invisibly. I think it would be far more flexible if you could use a command (`alter`, perhaps) to mark files to ignore during `cleanse` or to lock their state (so they may not be removed on `dispel`).

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