[COLLATERAL] m4 (Bug #187)

Added by Jeremy Sutherland almost 4 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

Status:Closed Start date:09/10/2011
Priority:Immediate Due date:
Assignee:Eric Sandall % Done:


Target version:0.63 Estimated time:2.00 hours


This was also affected by the "libsigsegv" package update removing the /usr/lib/libsigsegv.so*
files from being installed

m4 needs a trigger to re-cast when libsigsegv is changed

Issue hierarchy

Bug #185: [INSTALL:fail] gawk - SHOWSTOPPERClosedEric Sandall

Bug #187: [COLLATERAL] m4ClosedEric Sandall

Related issues

related to Grimoire - Bug #186: [COLLATERAL] diffutils("cmp") Closed 09/10/2011

Associated revisions

Revision bef800a3
Added by Eric Sandall 8 months ago

Fixes Bug #185, Bug #186, and Bug #187

libsigsegv: Trigger dependent spells on upgrade
diffutils, gawk, m4: Optionally depend on libsigsegv


Updated by Eric Sandall 8 months ago

I have m4 and diffutils both installed and working fine without libsigsegv.
$ gaze version m4 diffutils libsigsegv
Grimoire Section Spell Grimoire Version Installed Version
-------- ------- ----- ---------------- -----------------
test devel m4 1.4.17 1.4.17
test devel diffutils 3.3 3.3
test libs libsigsegv 2.10 -

Looks like they, and likely other packages, are missing optional dependencies (with UP_TRIGGERS) on libsigsegv.
$ gaze compile m4
checking for libsigsegv... no, consider installing GNU libsigsegv

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Updated by Eric Sandall 8 months ago

Fixed with commit bef800a38d6842e42a9e81af1cf8ba83bc08211f in test.

  • Estimated time set to 1.00
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