[BUILD:fail] libisoburn missing "configure" when casting "latest" (Bug #227)

Added by Jeremy Sutherland almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:09/15/2011
Priority:Low Due date:
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root@claire:~# cast r libisoburn
Computing previously installed dependencies...
libisoburn preparing environment...
Download latest code? [y] y
Automaticaly update the spell on sorcery queue/system-update? [y] y
libisoburn running configuration...
Create a mkisofs symlink (might be useful for front-ends)? [y] y
libisoburn checking dependencies...
libisoburn has a dependency on libburn
libisoburn has a dependency on libisofs
libisoburn checking for reverse triggers...
libburn No work to do.
libisofs No work to do.
Collating dependencies...
Spells are to be cast:


Do you want to cast these spells? [y] y

Downloading source file libisoburn-svn.tar.bz2
Unpacking source file libisoburn-svn.tar.bz2 for spell libisoburn.
Running svn update...
svn update --non-interactive -r HEAD libisoburn-svn
At revision 4305.
Repackaging libisoburn-svn.tar.bz2
Waiting for any Solo casts to complete...
Waiting for any other casts of libisoburn to complete... done.
Staging enabled
castfs: checking sanity of <mnt-dir> and <stage-dir>
castfs: stagedir is okay!
Preparing libisoburn
Not checking volatile source file libisoburn-svn.tar.bz2...
Abort? [n] n
Unpacking source file libisoburn-svn.tar.bz2 for spell libisoburn.
Building libisoburn
Building in dir: /usr/src/libisoburn-svn
libisoburn 20110916

/var/lib/sorcery/modules/build_api/api2: line 333: ./configure: No such file or directory
! Problem Detected !

Issue hierarchy

Bug #141: [BUILD] Failure Master BugNew

Bug #229: [SCM build failures] these are for record onlyFeedback

Bug #227: [BUILD:fail] libisoburn missing "configure" when casting ...Feedback


Updated by Jeremy Sutherland almost 4 years ago

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