Spell smgl-imp optional_depends on smgl-imp-data-upstart that doesn't exist (Bug #287)

Added by Bor Kraljič almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Status:New Start date:10/15/2011
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$ gaze DEPENDS smgl-imp
optional_depends smgl-imp-data-simpleinit '' '' \
                 'for simpleinit support' &&
optional_depends smgl-imp-data-upstart '' '' \
                 'for upstart support' &&
optional_depends smgl-imp-data-systemd '' '' \
                 'for systemd support'
$ gaze version smgl-imp-data-upstart
Unknown Spells or Sections
$ gaze version smgl-imp-data-systemd
Unknown Spells or Sections


Issue hierarchy

Bug #251: [master bug] dependency on nonexistent spellNew

Bug #287: Spell smgl-imp optional_depends on smgl-imp-data-upstart ...NewArjan Bouter


Updated by Arjan Bouter almost 4 years ago

I know, upstart has seen a LOT of work lately and I'm working on getting the config files right.
As this is init we're talking about, I'd rather have the spell missing for just a little longer, than killing an innocent box by accident.

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