Current udev renders ISO kernel-based system unbootable (Bug #293)

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According to;a=blob;hb=HEAD;f=README

3 Integrating udev in the system has complex dependencies and may differ from
4 distribution to distribution. A system may not be able to boot up or work
5 reliably without a properly installed udev version. The upstream udev project
6 does not recommend replacing a distro's udev installation with the upstream
7 version.
9 The upstream udev project's set of default rules may require a most recent
10 kernel release to work properly. This is currently version 2.6.32.

At present, NO installation ISOs on contain this recent of a kernel version. A system without the supported kernel version may experience reboot loops or perpetually scrolling error messsages (I've experienced both).

Recommend an immediate backdown of the version of udev in the stable grimoire to one supported by our ISO kernels or an updated ISO. I will spend time on the latter.


Updated by Tommy Boatman almost 4 years ago

Most current udev needs 2.6.34+ per further on the page.

18 Requirements:
19 - Version 2.6.34 of the Linux kernel with sysfs, procfs, signalfd, inotify,
20 unix domain sockets, networking and hotplug enabled

Updated by Tommy Boatman almost 4 years ago

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