evolution-groupwise split (Bug #313)

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evolution-groupwise is now a separate component from evolution-data-server and evolution

evolution-mapi and evolution-exchange fail configure without it, but it does not yet exist as a spell


Updated by Tommy Boatman almost 4 years ago

evolution-groupwise created by commit 7343abfb9fa8d8d84ff990b32b0533bcfd5771a7

Version bump of evolution-exchange to 3.2 via 31674e7fb6ff0495c0e3db3840b30757e1ea5b06 solves the missing libegroupwise (the updated version no longer looks for, nor requires, it).

Version bump of evolution-mapi should do the same thing for evolution-mapi, but it has some interlocking dependencies (samba4/libmapi) that I haven't unravelled yet.

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Updated by Tommy Boatman almost 4 years ago

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