libnotify 0.7.4 update brakes several spells (Bug #314)

Added by Vlad Glagolev almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Status:New Start date:10/24/2011
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After updating libnotify in test several spells become broken.

for me at least these are:
- gnome-mount
- midori
- orage
- thunar
- uget

all missing

so the spell smust have some UP_TRIGGERS with library version check like it's usually done in such situations.


Updated by Bor Kraljič almost 4 years ago

I ran cleanse yesterday and I think seamonkey and firefox had the same problem which was ofcourse fixed with recast.

Updated by Vlad Glagolev almost 4 years ago

gnome-mount isn't in that list anymore (fixed in test) cause it's not compatible with new libnotify API.

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