nvidia_legacy_96xx is not compatible with xorg-server 1.8.1 in stable (Bug #349)

Added by Carlo Dormeletti over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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See the warning in /var/log/Xorg.0.log

"(WW) NVIDIA: This server has an unsupported input driver ABI version (have 9.0, need < 8.0). The driver will continue to load, but may behave strangely."


Updated by Carlo Dormeletti over 3 years ago

nvidia_legacy_96xx install version the nvidia driver 96.43.16.

manually installing nvidia driver 96.43.20 (latest) from the site solve the warning, but still some problem in getting 3D acceleration.

Updated by Carlo Dormeletti over 3 years ago

3d acceleration solved, manually tweaking DETAILS file and modify from 96.43.16 to 96.43.20 worked for me, recasting mesalib with only dri and swrast enabled and recast nvidia (after the modification version 96.43.20), putting Module section in xorg.conf as stated in NVIDIA-GLX documentation dolved the 3D acceleration problem.

Updated by Vlad Glagolev over 3 years ago

could you make a unified patch against current nvidia_legacy_96xx in z-rejected?

then we will commit the change ASAP to our grimoire.

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Updated by Carlo Dormeletti over 3 years ago

The only modifications is in DETAILS modified VERSION=96.43.20
I didn't know how to modify the SOURCE_HASH= line so i answer n to the abort request due to the has verification.

The other note on mesalib might be appropriate to put in a wiki page about nvidia on Sourcemage but they were told me on IRC #SourceMage, if i remember well by Stealth

Updated by Vlad Glagolev over 3 years ago

oh, so it's only about version? fine

it must be fixed in z-rejected with ( commit:09f7daff99149e73051b6101aeafe1de7a0305d5 ) and updated on our mirrors in 6 hours.

I'm marking this bug as resolved then.

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Updated by Carlo Dormeletti over 3 years ago

Ok, i'm feeling little useful and not a boring host in IRC

Updated by Vlad Glagolev about 3 years ago

closing the bug

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