automake (and possibly others) now use .tar.xz, but nothing ensures that something to extract .xz is available (Bug #408)

Added by David Kowis about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Either we need to add some kind of lzma-utils to basesystem, or the spells that are .xz need to explicitly depend on some lzma extraction utility

This is in current stable!


Updated by David Kowis about 3 years ago

Then ordering of sorcery --queue is terrible, and the glitches are misleading :(

Suggested resolution?

Updated by Sukneet Basuta about 3 years ago

Doesn't sorcery ensure basesystem and its dependencies is cast first? Or is that only true when $FORCE_BASESYSTEM_DEPENDS=on?

As an alternative, I suppose sorcery can recast basesystem (or maybe cleanse --fix basesystem) if it can't find the proper extraction utility or at least notify the user to recast basesystem.

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