[devel-xorg-modular] Master bug (Bug #423)

Added by Sukneet Basuta over 2 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

Status:New Start date:03/17/2013
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Main spell(s) of interest:
All the xorg spells.

ABI incompatible update of libpthread-stubs. All dependent spells need to be recast in UP_TRIGGERS.


What is needed to get it merged into master?

David Kowis wrote:

I'd like for someone with experience in the X branch to come up with a
list of criteria, maybe search the list history for issues people have
had upgrading, and then build a test plan, or a checklist to verify that
we won't have these issues on this upgrade.

Then once that passes, we'll merge it. Sound good?

0001-libpthread-stubs-added-a-bunch-of-spells.patch - The patch proposal from Sukneet (2.4 kB) Thomas Orgis, 08/29/2014 02:42 am

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Bug #423: [devel-xorg-modular] Master bugNew

Bug #531: [devel-xorg-modular] mesalibNew

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Updated by Sukneet Basuta almost 2 years ago

  • Start date changed from 08/03/2012 to 03/17/2013

Updated by Thomas Orgis 4 months ago

I wonder how bad this issue really is ... I did not encounter it from upgrading from a bare-bones (but X11 desktop with fluxbox running) system on test grimoire to devel-xorg-modular. But it may be hidden in the lots of other issues I encountered due to spell rot.

Oh, and the reason for upgrading to the devel branch: libxft in test doesn't build with freetype2 anymore as the latter like to move headers around and think that's normal. You are supposed to use special macros to allow them to continue shifting header structure. My neck hurts from head-shaking. The libxft in the devel branch works. Back-port? I'd rather just merge.

In case I was extremely lucky with my upgrade (this time from the chroot tarball we offer, not as ancient as the ISO), wouldn't it be a solution to compile the list of affected spells and prepare a script that dispels and then casts again? I don't expect anything automatic .. that's what gentoo or other normal distros are for.

Updated by Thomas Orgis 4 months ago

I hit the pthread-stubs issue just now: pango install failed (nasty that it's not in the building stage), re-casting cairo fixed that.

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