Straight to the good stuff: Downloads are available here !

Registration is a manual process right now, since the spambots are vicious. It'd help if you could join #sourcemage on and poke BeepDog with your freshly registered username, and he'll happily activate your account.

The wiki is probably the best place for information right now (sadly, also read-only thanks to vicious bots), until we get things organized and transferred to this site.

To gain access to a project as a developer, or a lead developer, either contact the Component Lead of the project, or the Project Lead (David Kowis) to have access added to the project.

  • Cauldron

    Source Mage installation media generation system.

  • Grimoire

    The grimoire is Source Mage's collection of package information. It provides the spells you can use to get software installed.

  • IMP

    The Init Management Project!

  • Sorcery

    Sorcery is what makes Source Mage work. Sorcery is the Source Mage package management system.

  • Source Mage General

    General Source Mage. Things that aren't specific to any component, but apply to the distro entirely.

    Or maybe that just don't fit anywhere else :)

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