Download Source Mage ISO




  • The current "stable" Source Mage PowerPC ISO is 0.9.6.
    • Kernel version: ???

x86_64 UDF (experimental)

  • This experimental Source Mage x86_64 ISO x86_64-20100413 is a UDF hybrid image which you can burn on a CD or "dd" onto a usb drive.
    • Kernel version: (includes ext4 support)

For other ISO versions, please visit the ISO download page directly. Also, use that location to download MD5 sums and GPG signatures to verify your newly acquired ISO.

For installation instructions, please see Installing Source Mage.

Mirror Sites


We also have a torrent for the experimental x86_64 ISO made and released by Daniel Goller, available from

Please help seed whenever you can!


  • Codex - this is currently ugly and will be improved.