Page for devel branch: devel-kde3_removal

!!! Branch was already merged into master !!!

Work plan

  • remove kde3 spells (deleting them not deprecate them),
  • remove qt3 spell (delete)
  • remove all spells that have mandatory dependency on deleted spells
  • remove optional dependencies on deleted spells


Everything done! :)

Questions and answers

Was SPELLXY removed?

List of removed spells can be found on: Devel-kde3_removal-removed_spells

You removed spell that upstream fixed to work with qt4/kde4... Why not update it?

Of course it can be updated. Just let me know (email me/edit this page or revert the commit that deletes that spell) and update the spell on master branch. That is why I do removal of one spell in one commit. So it can easily be reverted.

Why use date 2011-XX-XX in ChangeLog?

Well because there will be lots of important changes done in a branch. And if we just set it to the date the changes were done those could not be shown to the user (sorcery issue #194). That is why I decided to update that date just before the merge of this devel branch into master.

How can I help?

On devel-kde3_removal branch

For removing spells and optional dependencies on now non-existing spells:

git checkout -t origin/devel-kde3_removal

This page includes the information on what is needed to be done...

On master branch

You can help by fixing your favorite spell to work with kde4 or qt4. So there will be no need to remove it :)


Add devel branch as grimoire

scribe add devel-kde3_removal from git://

I suggest you remove your normal grimoire since it will still have those spells. (not really sure what we need to test)