Init Manager Program

What is IMP?

IMP is an abstraction layer for the various init systems available for Source Mage GNU/Linux.
It manages the installation and removal of init scripts as well as providing a way to enable or disable them.


  • fix IMP: most of the code is written, but there are bugs, some missing parts and improvements can be made.
    • mostly done, we're currently checking and updating the scripts for simpleinit
  • remove sorcery functions for init scripts and have spells call imp instead.
    • currently pondering the best way to do this
  • add support for upstart: scripts have to be written for IMP
    • some jobs (upstart init scripts) have been created and imp-data-upstart is being tested
  • add support for systemd scripts have to be written for IMP and smgl-imp-data-systemd has to be created
    • the systemd spell has been created and is being tested
  • documentation: it's not hard to use IMP, but a manpage and/or some docs are useful.
    • any volunteers? ;)