General Source Mage. Things that aren't specific to any component, but apply to the distro entirely.

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Updated Chiliproject
Updated to the latest version. Addresses various security vulnerabilities.
Added by David Kowis over 2 years ago

MySQL hate
MySQL still brought down the server. Upgraded it to a newer version, and upgraded the tables.
Added by David Kowis almost 3 years ago

Stupid Leap Seconds
MySQL didn't like leap seconds and that caused it to use up all the CPUs
Added by David Kowis about 3 years ago

Updated Chiliproject (1 comment)
Now at 3.2.2
Added by David Kowis about 3 years ago

Nuked Spammers
Spammers got nuked and all their spam has been deleted from the Sourcemage Chiliproject instance
Added by David Kowis over 3 years ago

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