Reverted to latest Redmine

Added by David Kowis 3 months ago

Updated to the latest version of redmine so as to ensure that we're not vulnerable to things. This involved an update to passenger, and the latest ruby as well.


Updated Chiliproject

Added by David Kowis over 2 years ago

Nothing amazing, just an update from 3.5.0 to 3.7.0, addressing a few Rails security bugs. Come bother us on #sourcemage on if you notice things not behaving well. Poke BeepDog specifically.

MySQL hate

Added by David Kowis over 3 years ago

MySQL and this webapp weren't getting along terribly well. Perhaps it's because we were using the old mysql gem rather than the mysql2 gem.

Everything is now using mysql2 and we're running against a newer MySQL so hopefully things will be better now. Watching things happen, and they seem to mostly be in the ruby process space, not in the mysqld process space, so I suppose that's a good thing. I'd rather have ruby doing the work, than mysql clogging itself up.

Stupid Leap Seconds

Added by David Kowis over 3 years ago

MySQL didn't like it that we had a leap second a little while ago.

I remember hearing about a glitch in the linux kernel that caused things to bomb, but this is the first I'd heard about the same problem happening to mysql.

Solution found here:

date -s "`date`" 

Which I guess just forces the date to a point and gets it less freaked out. It's certainly made mysql a bit snappier, thankfully.

Updated Chiliproject (1 comment)

Added by David Kowis over 3 years ago

Updating Chiliproject is easy! We're running the latest version now, and I haven't seen any problems.

Let BeepDog know on irc:// if there are any problems (Did I do an IRC url correctly?)

Happy Hacking!

Nuked Spammers

Added by David Kowis almost 4 years ago

So a bit of ruby scripting fu later, and a rake task that I can re-run, and we've eliminated all the spam from the chiliproject site.

It completely destroys locked accounts and anything the locked account posted, files, comments issues, comments.

Then registered accounts that haven't been activated and are older than two weeks also get nuked.

Hooray for no spam.

Spammers are smarter than they used to be (1 comment)

Added by David Kowis almost 4 years ago

A friendly internet denizen contacted me about epic buttons of spam on one of our news pages.

Sadly, the registration requiring email activation is no longer sufficient, as the spam bots have email accounts. Not surprising.

So the only solution for chiliproject, sadly (as well as most other things, including the wiki we're using) is to set up manual account activation.

Perhaps one day, I can work out a much better, much more integrated authentication framework using LDAP as the backend and tie in all the items into one account, and activate them more smarter.

Until then, sorry :(

Big Fat Warning on Bugzilla (2 comments)

Added by David Kowis over 4 years ago

We need to get moved over from bugzilla to using the chiliproject based issue trackers to take advantage of the release planning. And in support of that, since I cannot simply make bugzilla read-only, I have added a Big Fat Warning(tm) to be displayed in bugzilla to remind people not to use it.

This is probably also a good time to review our process and make some improvements where necessary.

Thanks for your patience as we're all busy people, and we work to get this ironed out.

Next Developer Meeting

Added by David Kowis over 4 years ago

August seems like a good time for the next developer meeting. It will have been about 4 months since our last meeting, and we can check up on the status of things we decided to do that meeting, and plan on doing more new things.

I've created a wiki page here, that anyone in the Developer Group can edit and modify. Feel free to add items to the agenda that you feel need to be discussed by the entire project team.

Chiliproject 2.0.0 (2 comments)

Added by David Kowis over 4 years ago

Our wonderful website/bugtracker/wiki contrapulator has gone through an upgrade!

As Chiliproject progresses and develops new features, I shall endeavor to keep it up to date, and that will require some down time. This most recent release was a major point change, and such took a long time to update.

The Chiliproject team is well on their way to bringing their project up to date with the latest Rails and Ruby technologies. This should result in a better, faster experience on the site for all of us.


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