Chiliproject features

We moved to Chiliproject with a reason to get better integration of website with git repository. And Chiliproject has few really good features. This page is here to present the most useful features and good advices. That way we will be able to get the best of our new website.

Autoresolving based on commit msg

If you use certain keywords in your commit msg chiliproject will automatically do some changes in issue tracker.

For example commit msg:

samplespell: added patch to build (fixes #XX)

Chiliproject will automatically resolve issue #XX and append link to your commit.
To fix bug keywords are "fixed, closed, resolved, fixes, closes, resolves" followed by #BugNo.

Autoreferencing based on commit msg

Many times you only want to point out that your commit has something to do with certain bug but that commit doesn't resolves it.

samplespell: fixed first problem (bug #XY)

Chiliproject will automatically append link to your commit on issue #XY page.
To use this feature use keywords "refs, references, IssueID, bug, issue" followed by #BugNo.

Link to commit

We use commit hash in issue comments to explain something or to tell what we did in git repository. That is a really nice habit. But now that we have Chiliproject we can go a step further. We only need to append prefix "commit:" to commit hash and we already have link to that commit!

Example without "commit:" prefix:
and with it:

Master bugs

We have new bug tracker now on chiliproject. We started without any bugs. Which is good since old bugzila had quite a few bugs to many:) But bugs on new issue tracker are piling up fast. We also have few "master" bugs. That brings me to the point.

In my opinion "master bug" should contain only short description of the problem. And subtasks with more information for each small problem should be created. (example That way master bug offers transparent view of what has already been done and what we still need to do.

Otherwise those bugs can really become hard to follow what has been done and what not. (example

Taken from SM-discuss:

Other features?

You know any other great Chiliproject features? Please share them here!