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02:35 PM Grimoire Bug #373 (New): texlive-texmf fails to install from unknown error on install stage
Unsure of what remotely causes it. I've tried with and without castfs installed. Compile and castfs logs are attached.


10:46 AM Grimoire Bug #351 (Closed): rox filer isn't up to date
Alright. Since it seems to be working correctly, I'm closing the bug. Thank you.
10:04 AM Grimoire Revision 1324adaa: gtk+3: Spelling check.
09:53 AM Grimoire Bug #351: rox filer isn't up to date
Florian Franzmann wrote:
> updated to 2.10 in 954301a32b57246115a628dba721dcb4dcc2ce7f
Why 2.10 instead of 2.11?


07:11 AM Grimoire Bug #30: [master bug] unrecognized options in spells
More things not already written:
/var/log/sorcery/compile/fluxbox-1.3.1.gz:configure:10279: WARNING: unrecognized ...


08:16 PM Grimoire Revision b14809ef: Merge commit '999a27e13fc1bc464a0b74d9b4d9ffa91902d474'
08:13 PM Grimoire Revision 999a27e1: ucommon: Version 5.0.1


03:39 AM Grimoire Feature #1: grimoire locale/language feature
The trouble I see with this is if a locale break actually happens (e.g. a spell vomits all over the locale data), the...

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