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09:20 am Grimoire Bug #403 (Closed): sox won't build against ffmpeg 0.11
obviously those 2 options would fix it, lol, I just wanted to record the breakage until a patch was found.
commit ...
08:36 am Grimoire Bug #403 (Closed): sox won't build against ffmpeg 0.11


06:57 am Grimoire Bug #91 (Feedback): source file OOo_3.2.1_src_binfilter.tar.bz2 from spell openoffice fails to do...
AFAIK the openoffice spell is pretty much dead. At least I haven't been able to build it in ages and gave up on fixin...
06:52 am Grimoire Bug #211 (Feedback): libsoup configure unrecognized options
is this bug still valid now that the dependency is moved to glib2 with tls?
06:49 am Grimoire Bug #147 (Closed): [BUILD:fail] loudmouth
Ruskie updated the SSL dependency of loudmouth, it no longer has gnutls as an option.
The spell builds and installs ...
04:41 am Grimoire Bug #377 (Closed): qt4 fails to compile
After updating the spell with a fix, it should be possible to build qt4 with webkit support again.
Can anyone verify?


07:04 am Grimoire Bug #377 (Closed): qt4 fails to compile
It's the combination of versions for libxml2, icu and qt4 that matters.
The problem only shows up if you've got webk...


08:26 am Source Mage General Support #325 (Closed): updated 64bit basesystem
md5: 92f72411354f0ea6af8a556b4cda4112
sha512: 17b1010233214c7631560ee7885c3cfeded8f30bcc4e3a4ba8b6e608326a0a3b0c8668...
01:12 am Grimoire Bug #214 (Closed): fluxbox configure unrecognized options
closing bug after waiting a month for feedback


07:12 am Grimoire Bug #251 (New): [master bug] dependency on nonexistent spell

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