Daniel Wozniak

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Reported issues: 5


02:24 AM Grimoire Bug #261 (Closed): [BUILD:fail] babl
Babl fails to build due to some errors in introspection....


12:57 AM Grimoire Bug #224 (Closed): Totem - Missing dependency
Totem requires gst-plugins-base but this spell is not in it's dependencies.


03:38 PM Grimoire Bug #173 (New): [BUILD:fail] glibc
Unable to build glibc without nptl (Native Posix Thread Libary).
When building glibc, answering 'no' to the follow...


07:30 AM Grimoire Bug #165 (New): Mplayer needs gdbm 1.8.3 for Matroska video playback.
Mplayer depends on gdbm 1.8.3 specifically libgdbm.so.3 for Matroska video playback. It does not currently have this ...
02:34 AM Grimoire Bug #142 (Closed): Thunderbird fails to build.
The stable thundirbird spell fails to build.
c++ -o nsEnumeratorUtils.o -c -I../../dist/...

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