Remko van der Vossen



Reported issues: 20


07:30 AM Grimoire Bug #542 (Closed): automake 1.12.2 missing dependency on LZMA
07:29 AM Grimoire Bug #509 (Closed): gnutls fails to build when DEFAULT branch is selected
07:10 AM Grimoire Bug #311 (Closed): db depends uudeview which conflicts with sharutils
db depends on UUDECODE now
07:00 AM Grimoire Bug #320: basesystem has no ping capability
I don't think we need any ping in basesystem, we should have ping on the iso if it's not there.
06:57 AM Grimoire Bug #367 (Closed): firefox 10 requires nss 3.13
Firefox has been updated long ago
06:52 AM Grimoire Bug #386 (Closed): virtualbox has a wrong checksum
virtualbox was updated long ago
06:44 AM Grimoire Bug #451 (Closed): libxp fails source check and install
Seems this was fixed long ago
06:36 AM Grimoire Bug #460 (Closed): [vim] vim non SCM source broken, providing fix for non SCM, and also to allow...
vim was updated long ago
06:30 AM Grimoire Bug #495 (Closed): http/firefox needs a security update in stable
firefox spell was updated long ago
06:28 AM Grimoire Bug #518 (Closed): [firefox] spell not finding *.asc
firefox spell uses SOURCE_HASH now, so no longer applicable

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