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08:53 pm Grimoire Bug #530 (Resolved): [xorg] after compiling with gcc 4.7.2 on test, now xorg refuses to start wi...
Seems merging @devel-xorg-modular@ would not trigger this issue. Shouldn't we close it?
05:58 am Grimoire Bug #423 (In Progress): [devel-xorg-modular] Master bug
Besides some issues with GCC 4.9.2, the upgrade went fine.
I will be working on these issues so we can have a merg...


03:59 pm Grimoire Bug #634 (Closed): [llvm][xorg-modular] using make/gcc/g++ instead of cmake
Outdated report.
03:57 pm Grimoire Bug #633 (Closed): [grub2] adding SCM support through git, required for gcc 4.8.2 (perhaps 4.7.6...
Closing, compiles fine with 4.9.2.


06:40 pm Grimoire Bug #664 (Closed): LLVM build issue
Fixed by commit 4a0f38bf3c97318e53431aaf6522811b862ee584
02:21 am Grimoire Bug #597 (Closed): libs/libdrm has wrong checksum in devel-xorg-modular branch
02:19 am Grimoire Bug #642 (Closed): [xf86-video-intel][devel-xorg-modular] Given xorg-server has moved to 1.15 on...


07:20 am Grimoire Bug #664 (Closed): LLVM build issue
Got truncated. Attached.
07:12 am Grimoire Bug #664 (Closed): LLVM build issue


11:46 pm Grimoire Bug #423 (In Progress): [devel-xorg-modular] Master bug
Sukneet Basuta wrote:
> If that's the case, why don't we just remove the spell from the grimoire? That way n...

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