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10:01 am Grimoire Bug #630 (New): [texlive] fixing finding the path for freetype2 headers (removing from flags, ad...
Please provide it in @git-format-patch@ format!
09:57 am Grimoire Bug #500 (In Progress): [gettext] new gettext version on test (0.18.2) breaks gcc.
Is this still a problem?
09:55 am Grimoire Bug #471 (New): [texlive] spell fixes required given some luatex fonts generation procedures.
Does it work well with @lua >= 5.2@?
Please rebase it against the last @master@ branch and export it with @git-for...


10:46 pm Grimoire Bug #387 (Closed): lxlauncher: missing dependency
Fixed in 67404ae0cf4da2b1bbeb5a5c43cb7b7e9fd15911.
07:45 pm Grimoire Bug #450 (Closed): dconf build fails, missing symbol
07:43 pm Grimoire Bug #519 (Closed): Tcl 8.6.0 fails to build with -ffast-math due to bundled sqlite
Fixed long ago.
07:41 pm Grimoire Bug #433 (Closed): guile build error
Fixed long ago.
07:17 pm Grimoire Bug #658 (Closed): xf86-video-ati build error / dependency issue
Fixed. Only applies to SCM.


02:42 pm Grimoire Bug #497 (Closed): [firefox] New version 18.0 in test fails to compile with --enable-necko-wifi ...
Outdated. Version in test is 29.
02:41 pm Grimoire Bug #598 (Closed): firefox 25.0: fails to compile (libs_tier_platform recipe fails)
Outdated. Version in test is 29 now.

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