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12:20 pm Grimoire Bug #423 (In Progress): [devel-xorg-modular] Master bug
Ismael Luceno wrote:
> Yes, it does build the "defunct" library.
> Now, think about it, the breakage is gratuit...
12:00 pm Grimoire Bug #423 (In Progress): [devel-xorg-modular] Master bug
Eric Sandall wrote:
> Personally, I'd prefer we have the spells with the correct dependencies (which is what was mis...


09:00 pm Grimoire Bug #423 (In Progress): [devel-xorg-modular] Master bug
Rather than using my patch, it's probably better trying to rebuild everything with "-as-needed" and seeing if that so...


11:37 am Grimoire Bug #421 (Closed): [devel-glibc-2.15] Master bug


06:32 pm Grimoire Bug #542 (Closed): automake 1.12.2 missing dependency on LZMA
basesystem already depends on xz-utils see;a=blob;f=smgl/basesystem...


12:01 am Grimoire Bug #531 (New): [devel-xorg-modular] mesalib
Thanks! It still needs some work, but it should hopefully save some time.


03:24 pm Grimoire Bug #426 (Resolved): stable failure: padevchooser
spell deprecated in test
03:23 pm Grimoire Bug #423 (In Progress): [devel-xorg-modular] Master bug
03:23 pm Grimoire Bug #531 (New): [devel-xorg-modular] mesalib


08:08 pm Grimoire Bug #530 (Resolved): [xorg] after compiling with gcc 4.7.2 on test, now xorg refuses to start wi...
gcc 4.7.2 reverted in test.
gcc 4.7 has known issues with the version of in test. I'm not sure why it got pu...

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