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06:26 PM Grimoire Bug #647 (Closed): pycairo build failure
No longer reproducible on any of my test systems. Since my report, closing as non-reproducible/invalid.


11:45 PM Grimoire Revision 0ea13d02: gtk+2: PRE_BUILD sed to fix build failure with gtk-doc


12:39 PM Sorcery Bug #655 (Rejected): scribbler puts grimoire and section top level files in the spell directory
tommy@smgl1:~$ scribbler add qt4 test foo
Enter the root password, please:
The grimoire you specified (f...
09:59 AM Grimoire Bug #654 (New): pykde4 will not build against sip 4.15.x
Seeing a lot of threads like the one above, all ove...


08:57 PM Grimoire Revision ca5f3bd8: orc: optional gtk-doc depends and typo fixes
08:12 PM Grimoire Revision 76ec5a63: kdebase4: optional depends tidy


11:57 AM Grimoire Bug #650: Virtuoso does not build against JDK7
Note that the discussion of removing virtuoso as a KDE dependency is ongoing, and whether this bug will be addressed ...
10:43 AM Grimoire Bug #650 (New): Virtuoso does not build against JDK7
checking for sqlext.h... yes
checking sqlucode.h usability... yes
checking sqlucode.h presence... yes
checking for...
09:40 PM Grimoire Revision d8043a48: openexr -> 2.1.0


05:58 PM Grimoire Bug #649 (New): cast failure: jack2
Unpacking source file jack- for spell jack2.
Building jack2
Building in dir: /usr/src/jack-

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