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06:44 PM Cauldron Feature #4 (Closed): initrd/initramfs
i have been looking into initrd and initramfs scenarios for a while, i found that the slitaz gnu/linux distrobution h...
05:25 PM Sorcery Feature #3 (New): sorcery/cleanse
in regard to the feature request i added to grimoire on accident, it could be ammended with any doc and man files as ...
05:04 PM Sorcery Feature #2 (Rejected): sorcery/cleanse
the ability to pause the questions with the pause key or p key would be fairly usefull. especially when theres 400+ s...
04:06 PM Grimoire Feature #1 (New): grimoire locale/language feature
some people actually delete excess files from there system
personally, i remove unused locale data and such.
i th...

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