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10:46 PM Source Mage General Reverted to latest Redmine
Updated to the latest version of redmine so as to ensure that we're not vulnerable to things. This involved an update...


03:46 AM Grimoire Revision 272bf57e: nagios: set it to the sf.net specific URL


04:02 PM Source Mage General Updated Chiliproject
Nothing amazing, just an update from 3.5.0 to 3.7.0, addressing a few Rails security bugs. Come bother us on #sourcem...


06:39 PM Grimoire Revision 0decd660: nagios: set it to the sf.net specific URL


10:16 PM Sorcery Revision 0c431459: So this is the only valid mirror, and it auto handles it on sf.net's end
Unfortunately the format doesn't match the original SOURCEFORGE_URLs and
so breaks all the packages in the grimoire


11:02 AM Grimoire Revision af52542e: Adding a libyaml spell for ruby
(cherry picked from commit c85537877ae1446fa478ef08cd6c07ec4c078cb6)


07:55 PM Grimoire Revision 722b821e: Updating squashfs-tools to the latest version
Also including configurable options to be able to xz compress the
filesystem or use LZO compression. Handy.


10:13 AM Source Mage General Bug #443 (New): Bugs.sourcemage.org is broek
I'd like to just kill it finally :(
Software error:
DBD::mysql::db do failed: SESSION variable 'max_allowed_p...


10:29 AM Source Mage General MySQL hate
MySQL and this webapp weren't getting along terribly well. Perhaps it's because we were using the old mysql gem rathe...


09:53 AM Source Mage General Support #411: scm.sourcemage.org RSA key

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