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01:04 pm Sorcery Bug #655 (Rejected): scribbler puts grimoire and section top level files in the spell directory
No, this is done on purpose, so the copied spells are self-contained. What if you scribbled a spell from a stable gri...


04:03 pm Sorcery Bug #553 (New): errors injected into the tablet version cache
03:57 pm Sorcery Bug #378 (Closed): Sorcery always complains that the tablet is broken
I think just a new stable patch release needs to be made, the patch was applied to both test and devel.


10:03 am Sorcery Bug #506 (Closed): sorcery's delve overriden
Thanks, it's now in.
10:02 am Sorcery Bug #447 (Closed): tmpfs is too small to build glibc, massive havoc
08:06 am Sorcery Bug #413 (Feedback): dl_git: checking out git tag
Looks like Ismael's simplification patch fixes this one too.
07:58 am Sorcery Bug #448 (Closed): fix for #378 "sorcery always complains that the tabled is broken"


04:23 am Sorcery Feature #440 (New): "debug" option for optimization menu
They strip symbols to spare disk space (there are other reasons, but none worthy of mention for floss projects). In g...


11:49 am Sorcery Support #416 (Closed): cast -O and -R are dreadfully slow
11:49 am Sorcery Support #415 (Closed): cast -O and -R are dreadfully slow

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