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07:24 AM Grimoire Feature #442 (New): texlive-texmf over 7gb used during install
It's normal that installing texlive-texmf use over 7gb of disk space?
Maybe splitting the spell into two or more pac...


12:22 AM Grimoire Bug #401 (New): wxpython is broken (Editra won't work due to missing stc widget)
wxpython won't compile correctly stc widget so Editra won't work, both the internal versione (default ide) and Editra...


05:53 PM Grimoire Bug #369: Ancient spell: fpc
tested some more tried to cast lazarus and found an error "Can't find unit Contnrs used by Masks" so goggled and foud...
05:36 PM Grimoire Bug #369: Ancient spell: fpc
Sorry the above file is for compiling 2.6.0 enabling the devel version
05:35 PM Grimoire Bug #369: Ancient spell: fpc
modifying the DETAILS file as follow and ignoring the SHA check the 2.6.0 compile fine, not tested if it works.
05:01 PM Grimoire Bug #390 (New): lazarus is old
Lazarus spell is old
04:57 PM Grimoire Bug #369: Ancient spell: fpc
pleas update the spell to 2.6.0


03:57 AM Grimoire Feature #375: libreoffice-bin
Forgotten also libreoffice-bin-help and libreoffice-bin-lang works fine
03:56 AM Grimoire Feature #375 (Closed): libreoffice-bin
simply modifyng version in 3.5.1 and subversion in 102 it works fine for installling libreoffice 3.5.1


10:37 AM Grimoire Bug #349: nvidia_legacy_96xx is not compatible with xorg-server 1.8.1 in stable
Ok, i'm feeling little useful and not a boring host in IRC

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