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03:14 PM Grimoire Revision 0e651c36: Spell Update: eventlog 2.12 -> 2.20
Naming convension for version number in filename appears to have
changed slightly, but has been accounted for in DETA...
03:09 PM Grimoire Revision f314d9c5: Spell Updated: syslog-ng 3.4.5 -> 3.5.1
In addition to the version being bumped up to 3.5.1, the SOURCE_HASH
field was updated from SHA512:WORKS_FOR_ME to SH...


07:26 PM Grimoire Revision 546509ed: Spell (nss) Dependancies Removed: sqlite & zip
In testing the spell and various permutations of dependancies, it
was found that sqlite and zip did not appear to be ...


03:43 PM Grimoire Revision 791f2638: Spell Update: iasl 20121220 -> 20130823
Version os spell has been updated. Normal file update(s)
notwithstanding, some URLs needed to be updated in the DETAI...
10:29 AM Grimoire Revision 4f2e8220: New Spell: gnupg2
This spell is created to differentiate the 'gnupg' spell, currently
at 1.4.14, and a second branch of the same spell,...


11:46 PM Grimoire Revision f78a62e8: Spell Deprecation: amap (cont.)
After the initial deprecation attempt for amap it was found with
additional follow up and investigation that the wron...


09:26 AM Grimoire Revision 83f3109a: Spell Update: thc-amap 5.2 -> 5.4
This is a simple version bump. Three files (BUILD, INSTALL, and
PRE_BUILD) have been removed as no longer being requi...


02:26 PM Grimoire Revision 2daaa489: Spell Deprecation: amap
After this spell was created it was found to already exist under
a similar name, thc-amap. As the duplicate spell was...


04:08 PM Grimoire Revision 41d40d54: New Spell: amap, an application protocol tool.
11:31 AM Grimoire Revision d2322415: Spell Update: ntop 3.3.9 -> 5.0.1
Given the time passed since the last update it would stand to
reason to expect a few things to have changed. Do to th...

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