Jeremy Sutherland

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Reported issues: 91


01:03 PM Grimoire Bug #64: eet fails source verification
Tuesday Morning, October 25th, New Zealand Time, This bug re-occured on a fresh grimoire update from git with syste...


01:23 PM Cauldron Support #301 (New): Cauldron Team Membership Request
Request for Addition of J.Kajikawa into the Cauldron Team
I believe my current system can support building an upda...
01:17 PM IMP Data Systemd Bug #300 (New): Create "imp-data-systemd" Spell
This project needs to be created as a spell for the grimoire containing all the .target .service .socket and other co...


06:39 AM Grimoire Bug #249 (Closed): [CONFIGURE:fail] gdb depending tcl/tk [unrecognised installation]
Running make with 3 jobs failed. Attempt to run with a single job? [y]
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/gdb-7....


06:35 PM Grimoire Bug #247 (New): [INSTALL:fail] kvm (qemu-kvm package)
Installing kvm into the stage
install -d -m0755 -p "/usr/share/doc/qemu"
install -m0644 -p qemu-doc.html qemu-tech...
05:45 PM Sorcery Feature #246 (Rejected): Parallel Exclusion
the option to trigger waiting for a dependency spell OR
known spell where parallel casting both will initiate brea...


07:09 AM Grimoire Bug #227 (Feedback): [BUILD:fail] libisoburn missing "configure" when casting "latest"
07:08 AM Grimoire Bug #228 (Feedback): [BUILD:fail] cdrdao :: latest repository code
07:07 AM Grimoire Bug #229 (Feedback): [SCM build failures] these are for record only
Any bugs listed here are related to Source Code Manager obtained sources,
git / svn / cvs / mercurial / etc...
07:03 AM Grimoire Bug #228: [BUILD:fail] cdrdao :: latest repository code
I was not even considering having scm sources always building...
can we make a log or list of scm installed packag...

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