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David Michael Leo Brown Jr.

IRC nick(s):

dmlb2000 (the initials to my name and the year I graduated high school)

Things I like:

Which editor do I like:

vim. vim is an IDE, right?

Which window manager do I like:

enlightenment 17 – best window manager for someone with a laptop. I can't do without all the monitors on the button bar, and it's lighter than most other window managers.

My Toshiba Tectra:

The Tectra is one of Toshiba's business-style laptops. I got it new about September of 2004.

Some Info on what's in it:

CPU 1.4GHz pentium4m
Sys MEM 1Gb
WIFI Intel Pro Wireless 2200
GFX NVidia G-Force FX

I've had Source Mage working on my laptop since the day I got it.
I've had full support for all of the hardware including wireless since about late November 2004.

I've also had really good luck at compile times with Source Mage (no distcc nor ccache):

time cast glibc (which included triggers of apr apr-util and util-linux) 20m39s
time cast mozilla 42m53s
time cast gtk+2 7m22s