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The Codex is the collection of grimoires used in Source Mage.
You can view the latest Codex at http://codex.sourcemage.org.

Managing grimoires

All of the official grimoires can be added or removed by using the scribe command, which defaults to prepending to the newly added grimoire in index.

For example, to add the test and games grimoires and remove the stable grimoire, you would do the following:

# scribe add games
# scribe add test
# scribe remove stable

That would then give you a codex index (view with scribe index) like this:

Codex Listing

 [0] : test : /var/lib/sorcery/codex/test
 [1] : games : /var/lib/sorcery/codex/games

The main Source Mage grimoires are also available via rsync by running a command like:

scribe add games from rsync://download.sourcemage.org::codex/games

They are available via Git too:

scribe add test.git from git://download.sourcemage.org/smgl/grimoire.git

Moreover, you can checkout specific branch of it and track the development tree via scribe update on a regular basis:

scribe add stable.git from git://download.sourcemage.org/smgl/grimoire.git:stable.git:stable-0.62

Note: 2 values for the grimoire name must be the same for this command ("stable.git" here)

Grimoire tarballs are generated and published on http://codex.sourcemage.org every 6 hours:
at 0, 6, 12 and 18 hours EST (EST Eastern Standard Time = UTC Coordinated Universal Time - 5h).

Rsync and git locations are synchronized every hour at 00.