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Grimoire/Common mistakes




Common mistakes

  1. The most frequent mistake is to forget to add a HISTORY entry.
  2. The second most frequent mistake is to forget to add a ChangeLog entry when one is needed, usually when adding new spells.
  3. Forgetting to include new files in the commit. For any new files to get committed, one needs to git add them first. Inspect the commented git status output when you're making the commit for any missing or extra files.
  4. Forgetting to truly remove files in the commit. See the note above (git-rm).
  5. Forgetting to chain commands with "&&". Even things like variable assignment can potentially fail and we need to catch it. But more importantly, unless they are at the very start of a file, such omissions break the existing chain and the spell file could succeed while it really shouldn't.
  6. Forgetting to commit only one spell at a time.