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Grimoire stable-0.7 release

The target release date is 2007/02/16.

This release is being shepherded by Seth Woolley – contact him with questions.

Getting the chroot/vm image

Chroot/vm Volunteer Download
chroot-0.6 x86, extracts as 'smgl' sandalle smgl-stable-0.6.tar.bz2

Basesystem spells

Spell Volunteer Searched Sign-Off Alt Sign-Off Notes
basesystem lynx X part of non-gating bug: #12857, text-editor and pager provides
bash eekee X (note: bash didn't change since 0.6 –emrys)
binutils sandalle X
bison sandalle X
bzip2 ruskie X
console-tools tboatman X versions consistent across grimoires - no open bugs
console-data tboatman X same as console-tools
coreutils eekee X (this has changes since 0.6 but isn't a higher PATCHLEVEL so doesn't try to update –emrys)
cpio ruskie X
dialog afrayedknot X
diffutils CuZnDragon X No bugs found, compiles fine.
e2fsprogs sandalle X
file sandalle X Fine, excepting version difference at primary site
findutils sandalle X
flex sandalle X
gawk afrayedknot X
gcc sandalle X
gettext sandalle X
glibc lynx X nongating: glibc optionally depend on perl (Bug #12962)]]
gnupg ruskie X This works per-se but has a problem it lacks a trigger to be recast on curl upgrade – did you notice i fixed this in test with commit http://scmweb.sourcemage.org/?p=smgl/grimoire.git;a=commit;h=1c2da056541d694c6df186fdc4db22e233a366ee? -iuso - yeah that fixed it
grep lejatorn X There is bug #12990 but can't reproduce it and doesn't seem gating to me. No problem besides that.
grub sandalle X Updates and installs fine, but has a potential issue with #12852
gzip ruskie X
iana-etc sandalle X Bug #13075 non-gating
init.d emrys X
installwatch afrayedknot X
less sandalle X
lilo ruskie X Still builds and runs
locale lynx X nongating: #13485
kbd lynx X
m4 sandalle X
make CuZnDragon X No bugs found, compiles fine.
mktemp sandalle X
module-init-tools sandalle X No changes, casts fine, but depends on udev (#13265, #13417)
nano sandalle X
ncurses p3pilot X #10004 Updated to 5.6. I think this bug is squashed, should be closed
netconf iuso X unfortunately i'm too busy with work to fix these, but they aren't serious enough to justify holding the release back. signing off. #10517, #11694.
net-tools sandalle X Bug #10207 and Bug #10746 are non-gating
patch CuZnDragon X No bugs found, compiles fine.
perl sandalle X Bug #10392, Bug #10493, and Bug #10731. None of these are regressions, but they do cause problems and are fixed and integrated
procps sandalle X casts fine, the only bug is the coreutils/util-linux one (resolved)
readline p3pilot X #8506, Bug is squashed, should be closed
sed sandalle X casts and upgrades ok
shadow sobukus X #8834 is now integrated, issue with INSTALL_ROOT is saved for future
simpleinit-msb sandalle X
smgl-archspecs sobukus X #13240 is close to being resolved by releasing 0.7.x with this stable
smgl-fhs lynx X Non-Gating #8653 (master bug)
tar ruskie X
texinfo sandalle X
udev iuso X fixed and integrated: #13417, #13500
unzip ruskie X
util-linux lynx X casts fine, also tested with the kill fixes
wget afrayedknot X wget broke because of bug #13121. Still signed off because it should happen (argueably) rarely and it's not gonna be fixed soon anyway.
zlib sandalle X

Extra spells

Spell Volunteer Searched Sign-Off Alt Sign-Off Notes
apache2 sandalle X We need to figure out how best to fix Bug #13295. This is gating. Another gating bug is #13510 (both are fixed and integrated)
dermixd sobukus X nothing new
gaim p3pilot X Fails missing depends xml-parser.expat. #13515, Fixed in test, integrated.
ion3 eekee X
lighttpd p3pilot X
linux-pam sobukus X
mpg123 sobukus X nothing new
mutt emrys need to get the devel branch up to current incl. security fixes – punting, didn't have time to update patches
pam_ldap sobukus X nothing new
php p3pilot X
pure-ftpd lejatorn X init script was not installed, had to run 'telinit spellinstall' afterwards. No problem whatsoever besides that.
sudo emrys
x3270 tboatman X bugs #11220 and #13490 (gating/regression) fixed in test. Integrated to RC - thanks emrys!
xfsprogs sandalle X