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This file controls the actual build process. If the BUILD file is not present in the spell, cast uses default_build.

Note: default_build is not the same in build API 1 as in the new build API 2!

Build API 2

default_build for build API 2:

OPTS="$OPTS --build=${BUILD}"

[[ $CROSS_INSTALL == on ]] && OPTS="$OPTS --host=${HOST}"

./configure --prefix=${INSTALL_ROOT}/usr  \
        --sysconfdir=${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc  \
     --localstatedir=${INSTALL_ROOT}/var  \
            --mandir=${INSTALL_ROOT}/usr/share/man   \
           --infodir=${INSTALL_ROOT}/usr/share/info  \
                     $OPTS                 &&


To add an option to ./configure, use this instead of copying the above and then adding the options:

OPTS="--option-1 --option-2 ${OPTS}" &&


or if the values are in a variable:



Warning: do not under any circumstances use OPTS in conjunction with the config_query API or as a persistent variable. OPTS is an internal Sorcery variable which is auto-generated from dependency information, using it as a persistent variable is a direct contradiction with the intended purpose of persistent variables and will not work correctly.

If you need to have a custom value for OPTS (beyond the auto-filled values from dependencies) use another persistent variable list <SPELL>_OPTS.

Build API 1 (obsolete)

default_build for build API 1:


[[ $CROSS_INSTALL == on ]] && OPTS="$OPTS --host=${HOST} --build=${BUILD}"

./configure --prefix=${INSTALL_ROOT}/usr  \
        --sysconfdir=${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc  \
     --localstatedir=${INSTALL_ROOT}/var  \
            --mandir=${INSTALL_ROOT}/usr/share/man   \
           --infodir=${INSTALL_ROOT}/usr/share/info     \
                     $OPTS                &&

make                                     &&
prepare_install                    &&
make    install

) > $C_FIFO 2>&1

Note: it is here solely as a reference since build API 1 spells still exist. Do not write new spells in build API 1, use build API 2 instead!