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Triggers are a solution to the problem that spells might need to act upon events happening to other spells.

To this end, four triggers have been created:

And four actions that can be triggered:

These triggers are acted upon by Sorcery when the events specified in the triggers happen. The *_pre_* triggers are executed before the spell is cast or dispelled, and the others – after the spell is cast or dispelled.


Each line in TRIGGERS consists of:

  1. the trigger
  2. the spell to watch for
  3. the action to be triggered


<trigger> <spell> <action>

Or, when using action run_script:

<trigger> <spell> run_script <file>

Take for example the following line in nvidia_driver's TRIGGERS file:

on_cast linux cast_self

If "nvidia_driver" is installed and "linux" is cast, the above trigger causes "nvidia_driver" to cast itself after "linux" is done casting.

Adding TRIGGERS to spells

New triggers are only registered for a spell when it is cast. They are not automatically registered during grimoire update. If you are adding a new TRIGGERS file, or a line to an existing one, you may also want to update PATCHLEVEL in DETAILS. Most of the times, however, a new trigger shouldn't force a rebuild. If something breaks, cleanse will identify problems and suggest a recast, causing new triggers to be registered.

Comparison with UP_TRIGGERS

Remember, UP_TRIGGERS probably obsoletes most of the TRIGGERS' uses and has the benefit that it will work already on the first run: normal triggers need one pass to be saved first (i.e. cast twice).