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Trying to have fun with Sorcery, so far I'm mostly crying

Submitted by VinZ 13 Apr, 2021 07:48 #

Hi everyone (really don't know if someone is going to read this, seems way too quiet here).

So here the story : I've installed the latest Linux from scratch few weeks ago just for fun, and since handling source and dependency manually is a pain in the ass (and a full time job once you installed too much things) I was looking for a tool which would do the job for me.

When you want something working with source and taking care of everything you don't have that much of a choice : Portage or screw you. And with all due respect to Gentoo people, portage is a gigantic mess doing way too much and thus being too complicated for my LFS and what I plan with it. Then I remembered Sorcery (I used to enjoy it a long time ago when I was an enthusiast IT student, when kernel 2.4 was revolutionnary, when life was full of hope and beauty). So I started wondering what happened to Sorcerer and Source Mage. Turns out Sorcerer has disappeared, and Source Mage seems dead looking at the web site.

Then I found the github page of Sorcery, oh my ! regular commit ! a glimpse of hope !

So I've cloned sorcery and grimoire repo, and started setting things up. I've been able to make it "work" quite easily, downloaded the "test" grimoire, and made some test. Installing very small things work perfectly (I tried with netcat just to see what would happen). I thought I was a genius, did a little victory dance and moved on.

Next attempt : xfce ! Go sorcery, astonish me, solve all the dependency mess on your own !

That's the moment things started to go wrong. Seems sorcery decided my gcc, bison, m4 and many more where not good enough for him. It started to recast more or less the whole system, messing with init and grub and so on.

So I have a simple question : how does Sorcery know if a program is here or not ? How can I trick it into understanding gcc is already there ? How can I make him aware the base system is not needed ?

Thanks a lot and if someone working is ass off to maintain that glorious tool alive since all those years passes by : Dude you rocks !!!!

Submitted by VinZ 13 Apr, 2021 12:01 #

Tablet seems to be what I was looking for...

A little more elbow grease, tweaking, attempts, failures and it should potentially be not so far from being almost working !

Submitted by VinZ 15 Apr, 2021 14:33 #

Seems I'm all alone here, does'nt matter, let this be the diary of my journey.

Captains log : I'm starting to get things clear in my mind, I've came up with a plan :

  • Finish building my very own grimoire, mostly using already existing stuff, just tweaking some version and removing some dependency, thought I needed to add few things, but I think I can do without.
  • Get a GCC and Sorcery up'n'running, then try to build the whole thing from that, get the tablet done right and everything should be fine.

That UP_TRIGGERS on some libraries I need is still a mystery to me, anyway I think I can make it work even if I don't understand how.

Edited 18 Jun, 2021 21:38
Submitted by ninao 16 Apr, 2021 20:28 #

Seems I'm all alone here, does'nt matter, let this be the diary of my journey.

As a wannabe sorcerer, I am/will be delighted to read your journey logs.

Edited 16 Apr, 2021 20:29
Submitted by VinZ 01 May, 2021 12:48 #

Captain's log, day 10 : Turned out plan A failed, so did plan B, and then plan C, and so on ... But as long as there are things to try there is no reason to give up.

I've managed to have things up'n'running, every day getting more and more into the depth of sorcery. I've also decided to lower my expectations, at least for the beginning, if it can do the job I'll improve it later.

Compiling,recompliling, autoconf, autoreconf, cmake, ninja, they're all getting more and more friendly with me. One dependency problem after another I'm starting to think this could end well. But ...

At one point I'll have to make the leap of faith, sorcery -r, rebuild the whole system, I'm scared of what could happen, but the more I wait, the worst it's going to be ...

I need to do it now !

Submitted by VinZ 10 May, 2021 06:15 #

I did it, updated sourcemage, everything up to date top to bottom with systemd !

But it could be better... But finally I'm moving forward happy of what my computer looks like !

Submitted by wabros 17 Jun, 2021 02:10 #

i'm 100% new here and this post really made me want to try it out. I will follow up your journey and maybe even start my own.

Submitted by esselfe 25 Jul, 2021 06:05 #

I'm also new here. This reading is inspiring honestly, so I'll also go with mine :)

My source-based adventure began around 2008 when I was building LFS/BLFS system after systems. Around 2015 I was looking for other source-based Linux distributions and found Lunar. Then couple months ago I decided to repeat my search and this time fell on Sourcemage.

I installed smgl on my laptop which is 64bits and also on my tower which is 32bits and honestly the support is great!

I built the system with Xorg/fluxbox/xterm and run it in a chroot within Lunar.

Everyday I sit at my desk and try to install something new, awesome repo!

Keep up the good work guys, it's very appreciated :D

Submitted by stealth 26 Jul, 2021 15:11 #

Good to see some activity here :)

Have a sourcerous day!

Submitted by MeCrumbly429 16 Dec, 2021 20:45 #

Good to see some activity here :)

Well, thanks I guess. I know this is stupid, but what would happen if I were to use the outdated stable ISO to install, and then do a sorcery update & recompile my system from there?

Edited 17 Dec, 2021 23:26
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