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Sorcery missing after CHROOT installation, possibly due to mispartitioning.

Submitted by MeCrumbly429 16 Dec, 2021 20:42 #

Tried installing Sourcemage via CHROOT on a virtual machine. My chroot host was SystemRescueCD. After looking at the installation instructions, I decided that I (for some reason) wasn't going to have a seperate partition for every meta filesystem, and simply extracted the chroot image into a root partition. Yes, I used all the correct mountpoints, but when I tried updating sorcery, I found that, umm, Sorcery wasn't there. Did I forget something?

Submitted by stealth 17 Dec, 2021 23:24 #

This has become a common problem with modern host systems.

Make sure PATH variable is exported as described in Install/Chroot#head-1-2-7-2.

Have a sourcerous day!

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