Hi! I tried installing Source Mage and rebuilding the toolchain failed the first time. I decided to do a clean install with little changes (just configured the hostname and CFLAGS), but it still failed - when running cast -c binutils gcc gettext glibc, I just changed the timezone, for all else I chose the defaults.

Spells installed successfully:
e2fsprogs   gettext     libmpc      mpfr        python3     readline    util-linux  wget

Spells that had a check_self trigger succeed:

Spells that have been dropped:
binutils    glibc       gmp     locale      tzdata

Spells that encountered problems:
gcc (build)

/var/log/sorcery/ has hundreds of files. Which one do you need?

Also, is it on purpose that no UTF-8 is listed for pt_BR, only ISO 8859-1?

Edited 25 Jun, 2020 18:08